Byron International Coaching Centre Byron Bay Australia


Our services can be delivered in person, by skype or phone.  Our delivery methods are flexible enough to be tailored to individual and organisational needs and include in-house coaching, group and team-based coaching programs and workshops. Currently we have clients in Australia, SE Asia, USA and the Middle East.

Executive Coaching

While the specific purpose of any executive coaching engagement is different, the underlying aim is for our clients is to gain increased awareness and new insights into events in their work and life so they can realise their vision and achieve their goals.

Leadership Development

Are you leading change in your organization?  Do you want to lead a more effective team and improve your performance?

Executive coaching is a proven strategy to build your capacities as a leader.  In a confidential setting you have the opportunity to truly reflect on your behaviours, ways of thinking and question your assumptions.  As a result you will gain the skills and awareness to hold a wide variety of effective conversations that will enhance communication and the engagement of your team. You will also gain insights into how to lift performance, how to use your power and rank wisely, how to relate to different roles and how to refine your vision.

Coaching accelerates your ability to learn and lead others. We will talk about the outcomes desired for you and the organization.  We work out a coaching plan to suit your specific situation and your goals. The coaching sessions that follow provide structure, feedback, perspective and encouragement to assist you to achieve your goals.

Strategic Planning

Our planning processes are highly participative and energising. Through the process of engagement and inclusion, teamwork develops and desired outcomes are achieved. We can take you through all or any one of the following steps in the planning process:

  • Current situation analysis – stakeholder consultation and research on current trends in your industry
  • Developing a shared vision and common values
  • Developing the plan, defining goals, strategies and action plans
  • Reviewing and enhancing the plan over time


Executive Team Development

We work with leadership teams in developing authentic dialogue and the ability to have difficult conversations. Typical results include higher team performance, improved trust and accountability, access to untapped potential in team members and improved decision making.

We have worked with existing  teams to improve performance and also teams who are:

  • Newly formed
  • Part of a merger or aquisition
  • In disagreement over a specific issue or organisational direction
  • Multi-cultural


Executive Retreats

Join us in Byron Bay with your team, partner, or come alone and take time to reflect.
Byron Bay is an international tourist destination famous for its natural environment (beaches, forests, waterfalls), its creative arts, healthy food and its huge range of healing practitioners.

Your coaching sessions are combined with an individualized program which can include:

Exercise – yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, tennis and more
Healthy food – Byron has a range of healthy food outlets, local farmers markets and more
Relaxation – meditation, body treatments, massage, reading, sleeping and more
Adventure – try kayaking, skydiving, hang gliding, scuba, fishing and more

Conflict Facilitation

We work with individuals, partners and groups on conflict using worldwork methods developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell and the Process Work community. You will learn new ways of viewing and facilitating conflict.  Our frameworks, which can be followed step by step, will help to improve your relationships and resolve conflict. We will share with you how the concept of deep democracy can enhance your relationships and how conflict can be used as a catalyst for positive change.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

We can assist you to create the relationships that you truly desire by providing a therapeutic relationship where you are free to explore and learn about your behaviours and feelings.  We can help you to revisit your dreams and goals for your relationships and open up potential new ways of being.

We can offer new perspectives enabling you to gain insights and develop strategies to assist in managing your particular situation. We offer depth psychological work that will help you to identify patterns and get to the core of your issues.
We work with many people on their relationships, whether they be with partners, lovers, family, business or communities.

We also work on issues that ultimately affect our relationships and well being, such as our mental health, addictions, and trauma.
We have experience in helping people from many walks of life including young people and those in major life transitions.
Our services also include support and supervision for students studying Process Work. We offer teaching seminars and workshops where you can explore your dreams, body symptoms and relationships.