Byron International Coaching Centre Byron Bay Australia


What our clients are saying

“As the Chairman and one of the Founding Partners I am proud to say that Vicki Henricks has been a Business and Relationship Coach / Guide / Mentor to the Directors of ADG Engineers for over 10 years.
During this period our business has grown from its inception on the Gold Coast to a multi-disciplinary global organisation.
Along with this growth, the business has faced many challenges, many of these have centred around effective communication amongst key players – both internal and external.
Other than the normal relationship issues faced by business leaders, our business contains additional complexities due to its cultural, geographic and disciplinary diversities.
Vicki’s guidance and assistance in effective communication, awareness of self and environment, and immersion in the learning process has enabled us as owners to grow as leaders, and taken our business to levels we initially never dreamed possible.
I have had further more personal work with Vicki to delve deeper into complex and individual leadership traits that effect the business and its performance. These included analogies of business and personality traits, and identification of underlying patterns present in my family and business relationships which were affecting my work/life balance. We also focussed on my inner life and from this came deeper understanding and new ways of leading the business.
I have no hesitation in recommending Vicki and her colleagues to your business as a Coach.”

Tim Peters – ADG International

“Vicki’s approach to business/personal growth and change is holistic, empowering and effective. She asks the right questions to move me to a deeper understanding of my vision, strengths, needs and outcomes.”

Cynthia Connop – Workshop Facilitator and Documentary Film Maker, Enchanted Edge Media

“Vicki helped us to successfully merge three sections of the department into one unit. It was money well spent. Better still it was fun.”

Director Waste Management Service – Brisbane City Council

“A brilliantly conceived, balanced, fun program which opened my eyes and mind. It encouraged me to make just one major lifestyle decision and I haven’t looked back.”

Radio News Director – Southern Cross Media

“I found the tools and processes provided to be extremely useful. I have come away with a plan that I constructed myself, did things that I couldn’t believe I could do and became clearer on many things in my life. An enlightening experience.”

Personal Assistant – Queensland Minister of Transport

“A very down to earth, practical, step by step approach to answering some of the biggest questions I’ve never taken the time to face in my day to day life.”

Creative Director – MoJo Advertising Agency

“I have received a great deal of positive comments from those many participants who attend over the 2 days about the value of the Workshop. In essence, it would appear that the process helped staff from both organisations to understand one another and their respective roles while at the same time identifying common goals and interest.
Please accept my thanks for your assistance in this task and for your skills as a facilitator in bringing our 2 organisations closer together.”

District Manager – Mid North Coast Health Service – NSW

“On behalf of Northern Rivers Area Health Service, Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal communities, we would like to thank you most sincerely for your valuable time and effort over the past 2 years to develop the Aboriginal Health Strategic Plan.
It has been a long and time consuming process, and your patience and ability to get the job done has proved fruitful, and your dedication to this plan has far outweighed our expectations of this document.
The consultation process involved with this plan has played a very important role of acknowledging the input from our Indigenous communities and ensuring that the voice of the Aboriginal people were incorporated into this plan.
As well as using the “Partnership” approach involving all various government departments that work with our communities.
I should like to thank you personally as we have established a friendship that goes far beyond this document we so diligently worked on, as well as a lot of laughs over the 2 year period.
Yours in unity”

Aboriginal Health Co-ordinator – Northern Rivers Area Health Service

“Vicki Henricks as been working with our Business and Principal Shareholders from the day we started 10 years ago. Vicki’s involvement has been instrumental in our success and growth over this time. Her processes around meshing our personal and company visions, leadership and self awareness work and her skills around conflict resolution have not only helped the business grow stronger, but also helped our principals grow on a personal and professional level.”

Marco Ficca – Managing Director, ADG Australia

“Thank you Vicki for all your help this year. I had endured a long and stressful time before having sessions with you about me having to make decisions within my community. I would like to point out some of the attributes that I have had the chance to experience. Firstly you gave me time and space without being forceful. Also you always spoke to me with empathy and respect. You were never derogative to any representing sides of my issue giving me a chance to truly decide for myself. You were also culturally competent.  You showed understanding, respect, passion and empathy for my cultural beliefs and for this I thank you. Your process counselling knowledge is far more than great.  You have inspired me to make the decisions in my life become an easy task. Overall you as a person and a counsellor are what most people would like to aspire to be.  I know I’m inspired by your work and I would not have any issue with you working with any of my Aboriginal family, as I feel that you relate to me just like an Aunty with tons of knowledge! I thank the world for giving me the opportunity to cross paths with you and thank you to you Aunty.”

Brooke Roach – Aboriginal Education Officer, NSW Department of Education

“It is always a joy to have a session with Vicki, no matter how troubled I am when I arrive I always leave with a feeling of spaciousness and with a greater insight into my inner resources.  Vicki has a unique ability to support me to stay with my fear and confusion long enough for a deeper insight to emerge.  I really value Vicki’s attention to the detail of how to make the energy and insights generated in our sessions useful in my day to day life and in planning my future.  Working with Vicki has helped me to take the time and care to believe in and live my big dreams.”

Volunteer Co-ordinator – International Red Cross

“Vicki is a skilled facilitator, quickly able to grasp the internal and external organisational dynamics, and strengths of the team. Her strategic planning skills are adaptable and clearly focussed, and have helped us to do some great work, in a constantly changing not-for-profit environment.
Vicki has become a very valued member of our team, with staff and Committee members alike engaging with her supportive and effective style.”

Di Mahoney Director – Byron Youth Services